Gondwana Development Associates

strategic planning, monitoring & evaluation, project design, policy & communication for the international development community


  • programme work at senior level for the UK's leading international NGOs
  • strategic planning, including scenario planning methods
  • project appraisal, planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • quality assurance, with particular emphasis on knowledge management, gender analysis, and child focus
  • organisational development and capacity building
  • training and facilitation
  • research, communication and advocacy
  • information technology for development
  • work in Africa, Asia and Latin America, including conflict and post-conflict situations


After doing research and teaching in genetics and neurobiology in London, Oxford and Oregon Neil worked in senior positions in human rights, and development for a number of leading UK international NGOs including Oxfam and Save the Children. This included working as regional development adviser in Southern Africa for Save the Children UK, where he was responsible for strategic planning, programme design and development and quality assurance on knowledge management, HIV/AIDS, gender analysis, and child focus. He has worked in Africa Asia and Latin America, including in conflict and post-conflict situations, and is the author of five books on Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2002 he became an independent consultant and is Director of Gondwana Development Associates. He is also an associate of SAMI Consulting (St Andrews Management Institute). Neil holds a PhD in Genetics from Edinburgh University is currently Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Kings College London, where he is doing research on futures and culture.


Clients include the UK government, the European Commission, Chatham House, foundations, the Humanitarian Futures Programme of Kings College, London, and leading international NGOs. Recent work has including leading an assessment of state fragility for the European Commission in Yemen and scenario development for HMG strategy in Sudan and Kosovo, and for CARE in Sudan, Sri Lanka and Asia, as well as strategic evaluations for programmes of the Department of International Development, Save the Children Norway and for the Oak Foundation